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Event security

Event Security Solutions in South Africa

With nearly 28 years of experience within Event Security Solutions in Pretoria and another 14 years in the events, safety and compliance industry, Event Security Solutions in South Africa was established in March 2015. Due to the continues rise in the need of numerous event components that needs to be brought together to comply with the South African Safety at Sports and Recreational Events Act of 2010. Different sourced role players with different specialities and qualities form part of the Event Security Solutions in South Africa team.

Our Solution

Event Security Solutions in South Africa is a professional consultation services company that is based in Centurion, Gauteng. Corporate and private companies have been our trusted clients since 2015 purely due to our understanding and respect for our customer’s needs which are swift and professional service, good quality and reasonable prices. We specialise in safety and compliance with hand-picked providers within the security and medical industry. We provide a solution for all our customer’s needs, no matter how big or small with 1 cost and a variety of hand-picked professionals under 1 umbrella.

Mission and Vision

Mission: Event Security Solutions in South Africa continuously ensure a high level of service and integrity for select customers greatly in Gauteng and across South Africa. Our mission is to consult and advice you on the best services for your situation or scenario.

Vision: Eventsecure Solutions is the most admired and innovative Centre of excellence for integrated Event Service Solutions and Security consulting in South Africa. 

We Specialize In

    - Team Buildings
    - Corporate Functions
    - Summits
    - Year-End Functions
    - Award Dinners
    - Festivals
    - Conferences
    - Road Shows
    - Weddings
    - Exhibitions
    - Product Launches
    - Product Sales
    - Kiddies Functions
    - Music Shows and shoots
    - Movie Shoots
    - Motor Shows
    - Rock / Music concerts
    - Country / Agricultural shows
    - Motor sports
    - New year celebrations

Consulted By Many

Benefits of Security Consulting

A Event Security Solutions  consultant will be your organisations personal security expert; someone you can confidentially discuss your business operations and requirements with at a high level.

You know your business better than anyone. A security consultant will take the time to understand your business AND any risk to your people and property. They will identify and qualify your risk and the best ways to mitigate it.

A security consultant will evaluate all your existing operating systems and business processes to see if what you have in place is suitable for your current business environment. A review should evaluate building access, mail and communications, emergency management, access control and alarm systems, CCTV and building management systems, as well as any other case specific variables.

Once business risk has been identified it needs to be qualified from a financial perspective; this is what your consultant will do for you. Once this has been completed, it is possible to make qualified decisions about risk mitigation strategies. This is where a security consultant’s experience comes into play; they know the repercussions of ill-informed risk strategies and the result of having none at all.

Good security comes from a combination of systems and processes working in harmony. A truly independent consultant will not recommend a product or service where they receive kickbacks or commissions on their purchase, they will recommend the products and services that will give the best outcome for their client.

Your best interests are the only ones of concern to a security consultant. Do yourself a favour by having someone else – an expert – do the thinking about your business’ security.
If any of these points are of concern to you, feel free to pick up the phone for an obligation-free chat with Event Security Solutions in South Africa.

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37A Vindhella st ,Valhalla Centurion


Phone: 083 642 3181